Photo exhibit at Flash & Burn this weekend!

Under the umbrella of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Flash & Burn hosts an exhibition with photographies from four of the people based at the studio. Below is the text from the festival catalogue. We are open Friday June 14. (Karin), Saturday 15. (Steen), and Sunday 16 (Jakob) – all days between noon and four. You’ll find us at Amager Strandvej 122 A, first floor.

What is photography after all but a recording of light? It is what happens in our heads as we design what to record that makes a photograph.

As a group of photographers all based at Flash and Burn Studio Rental we have joined forces under the headline ”People” to show just how differently that concept can be interpreted – a difference defined by how we see the world rather than what equipment we hold.

Erika Stanley paints fashion models with light, reflecting too her career as a tattoo artist. Jakob Kjøller is looking for people’s personality in his portraits. Steen Kelså’s preference is skateboarding and street photography, and Karin Ott explores her own story in a series of self portraits.

We invite you to call on us and experience for yourself just how differently such a simple topic can be interpreted.

By Erika Stanley

By Erika Stanley


“Congratulations! Your work has been chosen…”

In my previous post I wrote about shooting self portraits at the Flash and Burn Studio. This morning my sleep drugged brain had trouble decoding this email:

“Congratulations! Your work has been chosen for the juried exhibition SELF PORTRAIT at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont.  Juror Caleb Cole selected forty photographs for the exhibition, from nearly 700 photographs submitted. In addition to being in the gallery exhibition, your work will also be available for viewing on the PhotoPlace Gallery website.

The exhibition will be on view at the gallery from May 21st to June 15th.   An artist’s reception will be held on June 14th from 5-7 pm, as part of the Town of Middlebury monthly Arts Walk.”

The photo, Always a smile on my face, has been chosen for a group exhibition – my first international one at dedicated photo gallery. A first for me as I have only been working with fine art photography for six months and a first for work out of Flash and Burn Studio 😀

Karin Ott

More artsy activities at Flash and Burn

A while back a gallery was asking for submission in the category “Self portraits”. Now that is a classic! There was some time to dead line so I decided to have a go. I’m glad I did. Sometimes we need our assignments set up for us to expand into new areas.

I was lucky that Lenscratch had just run a five page gallery with exactly that theme. It saved me spending more time on silhouettes as that expression has been used by far too many for me to feel I could add anything new.

Instead I ended up with a series of six shots, all taken at Flash and Burn. Below are two examples. You’ll find the rest on my portfolie website. Not quite the kind of portraits we usually shoot at the studio…

Karin Ott

Karin Ott

Always a smile on my face

Get a US-flavored tattoo

Erika obviously photographs out of Flash and Burn Studio, but did you know she also moved her tattoo studio there?

Having her personal space now, Erika offers tattoos in Copenhagen as well as in Los Angeles. One of her websites, Erika Stanley’s Arts and Tattoo, mentions only the LA studio, but as some well-informed Danes have tried to keep secret to keep the waiting list short Erika works here on Amager Strandvej 122 as well. Below are a few shots from a work in progress.

Contact her on her website or on Facebook about appointments.

Erika StanleyErika StanleyEika Stanley

First show out of Flash and Burn Studios

Karin Ott

I just opened the first show to come out of Flash and Burn Studio – 47 canvases displayed on the first floor of Amagerbro Kvarterhus, Jemtelandsgade 3, until March 26 (Mon-Thur. kl. 9-19, Fri kl. 9-18, Sat. kl. 10-14, free admission). That it’s my first exhibition of this size doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Parallel to this I exhibit 7 works at Café Komsurabel, Holmbladsgade 5, from March 11. to April 2, and to make the whole thing a bit more interesting I can be found at the café for talks about why my work looks the way it does on March 14., 17., and 24. from 13.30-15.

How exactly has it inspired me to have access to Flash and Burn Studio while I’ve spent the last four months preparing for the exhibition? Let me illustrate by showing you the shots used in the work “Tug in” – a fridge like that is impossible to create on purpose 🙂

Karin Ott tugin2 tugin3 tugin4

Christmas lights

One of my favorite things about Christmas is lights – candles, twinkle lights, streets full of decorations… I love them all. And to capture those moments I have little use for the studio. I know Jakob has been busy shooting portraits for presents, but I’ve out with my camera instead.

I’m still getting to know my Nikon, and I had not expected to find the best setting for shooting decorations on the street would be the pre-setting for silhuettes against a light background. But it got me exactly what I wanted, bright lights on a dark canvas. I have to admit it happened by coincidence the first time. I think I need to remember to play with the settings more.

A happy New Year to all!

Karin Ott

Karin Ott

Karin Ott

Karin Ott